Trump Tells Reporters 'We're Not Changing Any Stories' on Stormy Daniels Payment

Posted: May 04, 2018 12:10 PM
Trump Tells Reporters 'We're Not Changing Any Stories' on Stormy Daniels Payment

President Trump told reporters Friday that the White House is not “changing any stories” on the $130,000 payment Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen made to Stormy Daniels when pressed about whether he had changed his story regarding his knowledge of the payments.

"We're not changing any stories,” Trump said prior to boarding Air Force One. “All I’m telling you that this country is right now running so smooth and to be bringing up that kind of crap and bringing up witch hunts all the time. That’s all you want to talk about."

"You said on Air Force One that you did not know anything about the payments," a reporter pressed, referencing a statement he made at the beginning of April that he did not know about the payment.

"Excuse me, excuse me. You take a look at what I said. You go back and take a look,” Trump replied. “You’ll see what I said."

Trump also told the press that "Rudy knows it's a witch hunt," and "he started yesterday. He'll get his facts straight. He's a great guy."

"It is actually very simple,” Trump told reporters. “It is actually very simple. But there has been a lot of misinformation really, people wanting to say-- and I say, you know what, learn before you speak, it's a lot easier."

Rudy Giuliani revealed earlier this week that Trump had reimbursed his personal lawyer Michael Cohen $130,000 for a payment to Daniels.

Giuliani told NBC Thursday that he only shared details of the payment with Trump about a week ago.

“I don't think the president realized he paid him (Cohen) back for that specific thing until we (his legal team) made him aware of the paperwork,” he explained.

He says the president was in favor of going public about the reimbursement.

"You're not going to see daylight between the president and me," he said. "We're going to work hard to have a consistent strategy."

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