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WATCH: Joe Biden Gave His First Sit-Down Interview in Months...and It Was a Total Train-Wreck

After being criticized by the press for many months for not participating in any on-camera, sit-down interviews, President Joe Biden finally made an appearance on 60 Minutes Sunday evening. The president fumbled through this disastrous interview, dismissing concerns about 40-year-high inflation, declaring an end to the pandemic, fielding softball questions about his relationship with son Hunter, and casting doubt on whether or not he's mentally fit to serve as commander in chief—let alone run for another term.


The world watches with bated breath each and every time Joe Biden appears on TV, eager to hear his latest gaffe. This time, the White House had to issue a hurried correction after the president misstated the United States' official military position on what an American response to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would look like.

Clearly, Joe Biden doesn't do himself any favors when he agrees to TV appearances like this. It's no wonder this is his first on-camera interview with an American press outlet since February of this year.

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