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Alabama Man Forced to Return 'Offensive' Let's Go Brandon License Plate

AP Photo/Joshua Bessex

An Alabama man is being instructed to return a personalized "LGBF JB" license plate he received in January after ordering it in October or he would have his vehicle registration canceled because the plate featured "objectionable language."


The Alabama Department of Revenue's Motor Vehicle Division in February recalled the license plate and sent a letter to the man telling him to return the license plate for language it considered "objectionable" because the letters are seen as a reference to "Let's go, Brandon, f--k Joe Biden."

The license plate is yellow and includes the "Don't Tread on Me" Gadsen symbol. The vehicle also features a license plate cover that reads "FJB" and "Let's Go Brandon" but the cover was not purchased from the state along with the plate.

The vehicle's owner, Nathan Kirk, was told in the letter that the state considered the license plate to be "offensive to the peace and dignity of the State of Alabama," according to The Trussville Tribune.

Kirk's registration for the license plate would not be issued or renewed, the letter read, adding that he must return the license plate within 10 days or face fines of "$500 for the first offense and $1,000 for the second or subsequent offense" on top of his vehicle's registration being revoked.

If his vehicle's registration is revoked, it could lead to it being impounded, Kirk said.


"It's been on the road for a month, and it was approved a long time ago; it was approved immediately when I bought it," Kirk told The Tribune. "They didn't have any issue, taking the six or $700 it cost from me."

Kirk said the state is "stepping on his freedom" by deciding to recall his license plate, noting that the letters could mean anything.

"It’s 100 percent suppression of First Amendment rights," Kirk said. "It could stand for anything; I just kind of like those letters. I could get the letters FFFFFF, and it could stand for anything."

The letter says Kirk may appeal the decision with the Alabama Department of Revenue.

The phrase "Let's go, Brandon" became popular among those critical of the president following a NASCAR race in early October, when an NBC Sports reporter interviewing winning driver Brandon Brown claimed the crowd was shouting "Let's go, Brandon" when they were actually saying "F--k Joe Biden."

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