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Pfizer Whistleblower Reveals Why She Finally Decided to Come Forward

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File

A Pfizer whistleblower said that she decided to expose her company after a decade of working for them because she feels that people are not making informed decisions about what goes into their bodies.


Melissa McAtee told The Daily Wire's Candace Owens that she had damning information on Pfizer, which recently had their COVID-19 vaccine approved by the Food and Drug Administration, but did not elect to reveal it until another whistleblower for the company spoke on why they had come forward.

"I watched Jodi’s [O’Malley] whistleblow and she said that, you know, she doesn’t fear men she fears God, and I thought, well, I believe that so why aren’t I doing anything?" McAtee said, adding that she then reached out to Project Veritas.

McAtee, who was a quality auditor at Pfizer, noticed that the vaccine was glowing under a certain light and, even after alerting the company, the issue was still ignored. She also noted that fellow employees who had worked at the company for upwards of 40 years had never seen what was going on with this vaccine.

She said in a Project Veritas interview made public last week that internal Pfizer emails from high-level employees instructed workers not to reveal to the public the role aborted fetal cells played in the development of its coronavirus vaccine.

"We want to avoid having the information on the fetal cells flouting out there," one email read, which added that the company looked to steer clear of raising the issue to policy makers and the media.


McAtee told Owens that Pfizer was being strategic in their omission of information regarding fetal cells in vaccines and that she first asked her husband his opinion on the emails in order to confirm her initial reaction.

"They’re not necessarily lying, they’re being deceitful and leaving out information, and that was enough for me to say, 'well it’s pretty common knowledge to say that immortal cell lines are used in these things so why are they acting like they have something to hide over something that’s pretty well known,'" McAtee said.

She also noted that the company engaged in secrecy, such as shutting down hallways and certain processes, when they knew that the FDA would be coming to the plant.

McAtee does not consider herself to be anti-vaccine as she has been vaccinated against the coronavirus, albeit, not by the vaccine offered by her company.

She has launched a GiveSendGo account, where she is accepting donations that will go toward potential legal fees should Pfizer come after her.

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