VIDEO: Meet Rep. Bill Flores, Newly Elected Chair of the Republican Study Committee

Posted: Dec 12, 2014 9:35 AM

It doesn't take long to realize why Congressman Bill Flores was elected to represent Texas. He oozes the traditional characteristics that make up the Lone Star state. One of six children with a father in the military, he started delivering papers at age 10 and then worked on a ranch in Stratford, Texas. His conservative, blue collar roots have paved the way for his chairmanship of the conservative haven in the House. 

As newly elected Chair of the Republican Study Committee, Flores led with 84 votes among RSC members against opponent Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC). The committee, which was started in 1973 is a hub for conservative thinking inside the House of Representatives. 

Rep. Flores sat down for an interview to tell Townhall his vision for the RSC. See the interview here:

Flores won his third-term to Congress in November and had support for the chairmanship from Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), who was chair of the RSC during the 113th Congress.

Scalise congratulated Flores in a press release:

"I congratulate Bill Flores today on being elected by our colleagues to serve as the next Chairman of the Republican Study Committee,” Rep. Scalise said. “As the conservative conscience of the House, I am confident that under Bill’s leadership, RSC will continue to unite our Conference around our shared conservative principles of greater opportunity for all Americans through lower taxes, controlled Washington spending, and more individual freedom."

Flores broke down five issues he believes members of the RSC will be taking the lead on during the 114th Congress:

"We need to provide economic opportunity for hardworking American families, we need to have a strong national defense and improve our national security, we need to balance our federal budget...We also need to limit the federal government to its Constitutional role, and then we need to protect traditional family values, " said Flores.

As Chair of the RSC, Flores will be mediating between RSC members and House leadership to advance the conservative agenda. He wants to ensure that conservatives are working together to protect the traditional values he and many of the American people hold dear.