VIDEO: Creators Deny That New CBS Drama "Madam Secretary" Is Hillary Propaganda

Posted: Sep 24, 2014 2:00 PM

When the creators of the new CBS prime time show, "Madam Secretary" were sitting down for drinks in Los Angeles, on the TV was Hillary Clinton banging her fists yelling, "We had four dead Americans...what difference does it make?"

This dramatic performance by then Secretary of State Clinton sparked a curiosity to what her life was like in the State Department and at home. So why not create a show about it?

The cast and creators denied that the show is a soft-biography of Hillary, but as she continues to seem like an inevitable candidate for 2016, people can't help but see the show as a rhetorical plea for a Hillary-like president in the near future. 

Watch the video of producers Lori McCreary, Tony Palermo, and actress Tea Leoni discuss the question many are asking, "Is this show about Hillary Clinton?"