Democrats Think Medical Marijuana Will Get "Liberal Thinking Voters" To the Polls

Posted: Sep 28, 2014 10:21 AM
A ballot issue in Florida this November will be "Amendment 2", a measure that would legalize medical marijuana in the state. Crist and his liberal ally, attorney John Morgan, are proponents of the ballot measure, while current GOP governor Rick Scott is against it.

WFTV9 reports:

Crist has changed parties and changed stances on gay marriage, abortion and medical marijuana.

He said he will vote yes on Amendment 2.

“I do support it,” Crist said. “Rick Scott opposes it; I don't know what else to tell you.”

Critics think medical marijuana was pushed onto the ballot by Attorney John Morgan as a way to get liberal thinking voters to show up to the polls.

(An aside: "liberal thinking voters" is an odd phrase.)

It's possible they've done the research and discovered that medical marijuana legislation is an issue that fires up the liberal base and will push more liberal voters to the polls - the type of liberal voters who don't care about who Charlie Crist really is and will just pull the lever for anyone with a D next to their name - but it seems like a surprising voter strategy.

Crist has been consistently down in the polls by a few points for awhile now: