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Tea Party-Affiliated PAC Wants to "Stop Romney"

Bad news for Mitt? WesternPAC, a new but growing political action committee, announced yesterday they're beginning a "Stop Romney" campaign. The group, chaired by ex-U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller, are going to be rolling out an advertising strategy soon.

We'll have to wait to see its effectiveness, but this serves to enforce the narrative that Mitt Romney is a northeastern "establishment" Republican seen with skepticism by both the GOP base and conservative activists. While no group can claim to speak for "all tea partiers," WesternPAC have done their best to align themselves with some of the grassroots movement, and the "Stop Romney" campaign might catch on with both influentials and activists.

WesternPAC also doesn't have a 'favorite' nominee right now - just that they really, really don't want Mitt Romney to win the GOP nomination. "As of right now, we're not making an endorsement on who should be the Republican nominee," said Executive Director Bryan Shroyer. "We just know that if Mitt Romney wins the nomination, we’ll be looking at a repeat of Bob Dole’s feckless 1996 campaign and a landslide defeat."

Romney is still leading the GOP field in terms of having a money machine - he has a lot of big-money donors who are and will continue to fund the ex-Mass. governor. But the money machine doesn't always win. And since mobilized, grassroots opposition to Romney is his biggest obstacle in his chase for the GOP nomination, seeing groups line up specifically to oppose him is not a good sign.

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