Obama Holds Press Conference. Nation Learns Nothing.

Posted: May 27, 2010 2:58 PM
Well, we learned nothing new today at what was excitedly billed as a very rare Obama full-length press conference. He spun his administration's lackluster response to the BP oil leak away by claiming that he's been on top of it since day one. (He must have consciously avoided using that phrase since taking such heat for it earlier.)

President Obama claimed that nothing that's been done has been done without his administration's oversight and approval, all but claiming that he was currently acting BP CEO when it comes to spill cleanup decisions. He stated that BP has had a "scanalously close relationship" with the government but neglected to mention that he has been the number one recipient of BP campaign contributions.

In other news, Obama neither supported nor impugned other states' boycotts of Arizona in light of their "controversial" immigration law, a measure that was lampooned as having "voted 'present' on the boycotts."

We also learned that there will be an official Obama administration response "soon" on the allegations that Obama attempted to "bribe" Dem nominee for Senate Joe Sestak with a high-ranking job in order to get out of turncoat Arlen Specter's way.

It was exactly what we expected the press conference to be: blame-shifting, claims that Obama has it under control, spin, and deflections. But it just wouldn't be an Obama press conference without those things, right?

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