Congressional Approval at Historic Lows

Posted: Mar 10, 2010 12:15 PM
A new Associated Press poll found that Congressional approval ratings are at historic lows. Half of all people say they want to fire their congressman.

Congress' approval has fallen ten points since January alone and now sits at 22%. This has happened over the course of Obama and the Democrats doubling down on Obamacare and attempting to perform unprecedented procedural maneuvers to force it through Congress despite an overwhelming majority of the American people being against it.

The AP story attempts to put a favorable spin on this, saying that Obama's approval ratings have held steady (53%) and that this means that every member of Congress is vulnerable, but their numbers tell a different narrative. More independents disapprove of congressional Democrats than Republicans and, by the mere fact that there are more Democrats than Republicans, a general anti-incumbent fervor would favor the GOP.

56% of Americans also say the country is now heading in the wrong direction.

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