CNN Says Pelosi Can't Blame Media

Posted: Aug 15, 2018 12:40 PM
CNN Says Pelosi Can't Blame Media

Nancy Pelosi is now facing opposition from both parties. John Avlon said she is sounding “Trumpian” on CNN’s Reality Check on Wednesday, calling her out for “blaming the media.”

Avalon called her out for attacking NBC after they released a report on Democrats who are running this cycle and saying they'd oppose Pelosi for Speaker of the House; a few sitting Democrats were included in that story as well. Townhall reported on Pelosi’s attacking NBC earlier this week. 

Pelosi has run for speaker nine times and held that office for two terms. 

Avlon noted that Pelosi’s approval rating amongst Democrats is at 55 percent, which may seem good, but that is actually the lowest her approval rating has been in nine years. 

Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib, who recently won the Democratic primary for the 5th district, was asked by CNN’s John Berman on New Day  last week “Will you vote for Nancy Pelosi?”

“Probably not” she responded. 

Berman responded: "Probably not?" 

"Probably not, that's my answer, " however she continued "For me I need someone that is connected with the different levels of poverty and the fact that there are structures and barriers, for working families in my district that need to be dismantled. And supporting big banks and supporting efforts that I don't think put the people first is troubling," Tiaib explained. "And people right here at home in Detroit, they don't feel like they're being heard and I think that starts at the top," Tlaib told Berman last week.

Avlon referenced the interview with Berman, as he pointed out the Pelosi is facing Democratic opposition from both parties. 

“Is a lot of this being drummed up by Republicans who love to hate Pelosi?” asked Avlon. “Of course evident in the campaign ads and on the flip side swing state Democrats see Pelosi as a liability in their effort to reach out beyond the base," he added.

"One thing Pelosi can't blame for her troubles? The media, and that’s your reality check." he concluded.