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Pelosi's Verbal Assault on NBC

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif) verbally assaulted mainstream media outlet NBC News Sunday morning when she appeared on AM Joy on NBC’s sister network MSNBC. 

Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart, who guest hosted for Joy Reid for the morning program, asked Pelosi if she would consider allowing another Democrat to take over as leader in the House, reported the Washington Free Beacon. In her response, Pelosi went straight to attacking NBC’s journalistic practices. 

"First of all, I know NBC has been on a jag, this is one of their priorities to undermine my prospects as speaker," responded Pelosi. 

On Friday, NBC reported that over 50 Democrats are opposing Pelosi for Speaker, including nine incumbents. “At least 42 of the party's nominees for House seats have declared they will not back Pelosi and nine incumbent Democratic lawmakers are on the record opposing her, bringing the total to 51,” reported NBC News. 

Pelosi went on to explain why she is the best person for the job if Democrats retake the House in November, claiming the Republicans are focusing their attacks on her because they fear her. 

Pelosi followed up on her MSNBC interview on Twitter. 

"I do not think our opponents should select the leaders of our party. The Republicans are spending millions, tens of millions of dollars against me because they're afraid of me…Because I out-raise them in the political arena, because I outsmart them at the negotiating table, and because I'm a woman who is going to be a seat at that table,” said Pelosi.

Capehart went on to ask Pelosi if she could see a situation where she would not seek the speakership, if Democrats win the majority. "That's the least important question of all, with all due respect…. an NBC question, I know, because that's a jag you all are on," Pelosi responded.

Pelosi followed up on her Sunday interview on Twitter Monday morning.

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