Don Lemon Questions Calling Trump President

Posted: Jul 17, 2018 3:00 PM
Don Lemon Questions Calling Trump President

Following Monday’s joint Trump-Putin press conference, CNN’s Don Lemon reacted during his primetime show, where he suggested that we can’t even refer to Trump as president anymore.

“Can we still call President Trump the leader of the free world? Can we still call him the leader of the United States,” Lemon questioned. “He has gone from snarling alpha dog in Brussels, blasting our allies, to Putin's lapdog in Helsinki.”

Lemon displayed on-screen the cover of Tuesday’s New York Daily News which depicted President Trump shooting Uncle Sam, above the cartoon appeared the words, “Open Treason.”

“It's quite disturbing that the liberal media was so easily willing and eager to throw around accusations of treason, especially since it carries the possibility of the death penalty,” reported NewsBusters. 

“There have been so many moments over the past year and a half where we all thought that “this is madness.” But this time is different. This is not just Trump-being-Trump. This is something no president in repeat memory has done,” said Lemon.

Don Lemon was not the only CNN personality to weigh in on the matter. “I never realized that it could be anything but sunny in Helsinki at this time of year, until today. As you see behind me, there's a little bit of a gloom right now. It set in right after the world witnessed a betrayal the likes of which we've never seen,” said Chris Cuomo as he opened his show Tuesday evening. 

While it is true that President Trump’s actions during the summit were concerning, it is going too far to suggest treason and  calling for a “shadow government” to rise up as CNN did. Furthermore, regardless of whether he deserves the title, he is the president, and that demands the respect of the office, if not of the man himself.