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There's Big Poll Movement in the GOP Primary

AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

New national polling conducted by Kaplan Strategies shows businessman Vivek Ramaswamy tied with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. 

"While DeSantis remains a top-tier candidate amongst non-Trump choices, he now shares this status with Ramaswamy. The reactions of these camps in the face of this new dynamic are anticipated with interest," Kaplan released Thursday. "Despite DeSantis' favorable rating of 59 percent amongst GOP voters, Kaplan suggests that Ramaswamy may have the potential for a higher ceiling, as he is less well-known amongst Republican voters, with a 27 percent uncertain rate." 

President Donald Trump is still the dominant frontrunner at 48 percent. 

"Ramaswamy outperformed six other hopefuls by more than double, marking a significant surprise in this poll," Founder of Kaplan Strategies Doug Kaplan said about Ramaswamy's upward movement. 

"As we move forward, it's likely we'll see the lower-tier candidates drop off," Kaplan continued. "Their voters will either return to Trump or rally behind rising stars like Ramaswamy or DeSantis." 

Ramaswamy is in New Hampshire Thursday where he is visiting Camp Constitution and will host a town hall meeting.  


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