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Top Doctor: Long COVID is Being Exaggerated to Extort Taxpayers

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

John's Hopkins Medical School Professor Dr. Marty Makary, who also serves as a health advisor for Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, is warning "long COVID" is being exaggerated in order to extort American taxpayers for more money. 


"Long Covid is real. I have reliable patients who describe lingering symptoms after Covid infection. But public-health officials have massively exaggerated long Covid to scare low-risk Americans as our government gives more than $1 billion to a long Covid medical-industrial complex," Makary writes in the Wall Street Journal

"The National Institutes for Health has been intensely focused on studying long Covid, spending nearly $1.2 billion on the condition. To date, the return on investment has been zero for the people suffering with it. But it’s been terrific for MRI centers, lab testing companies and hospitals that set up long Covid clinics," he continues. "I’ve talked to the staff at some of these clinics and it’s unclear what they are actually offering to people beyond a myriad of tests."


The White House continues to demand endless funding as Dr. Anthony Fauci claims the U.S. is still "in the middle" of a pandemic. 

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