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Watch Jill Biden Physically Try to Move Joe Biden Away From Reporters

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Despite promising to run the most transparent administration in American history, President Joe Biden often spends weeks on end hiding from the press and goes months without holding formal press conferences. When events are held, White House staff severely limits access. 


"Nearly 70 journalists have urged White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to drop the secretive pre-screening process the administration has been using to limit reporter access to large events with President Biden," the Washington Times reports. "White House aides have restricted event access to only reporters who have been “pre-credentialed” for events with Mr. Biden. When reporters have pressed for reasons on why they were not approved for an event with the president, they’ve heard varied explanations ranging from COVID-19 restrictions to limited space in the room where the event was held."

Over the weekend Biden pulled over to speak with reporters before boarding Air Force One. An irritated and hurried First Lady rushed over and tried to physically remove him from the conversation. 


She's done this before on multiple occasions. Family members also help.  

And when the First Lady isn't available, the Easter Bunny steps in to divert Biden away from reporters. 

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