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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, his administration has regularly touted policies that offer "equitable" opportunity and outcome for Americans across the country. Education policy is no different. 


"From the first day in office and every day since, the Biden-Harris Administration has taken a historic approach to advancing racial equity, including directing every agency across the whole of the federal government to address the lasting impacts of systemic racism on Black communities," states. "For generations, entrenched disparities in our society and economy, at times facilitated by the federal government, have made it harder for Black Americans to have a fair shot at the American dream. Centuries of injustice and decades of disinvestment in Black communities not only undermine the American promise of equal opportunity, but also keep our entire nation from reaching its potential."

"Ensuring Equitable Educational Opportunity in K-12 Schools and an Education Beyond High School. As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, President Biden has delivered the support necessary to enable every school to safely reopen for full-time, in-person instruction; accelerate academic achievement; address the mental health needs of students; and build school communities where all students feel they belong," a "fact sheet" on Biden's promises states. "At the same time, President Biden has worked to ensure equitable access to high-quality education for Black students."

This week, teacher's unions in cities like Chicago are refusing to go back to work. The Biden administration is refusing to condemn their behavior and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki keeps falling back on the claim Biden "wants schools to be open."


But Biden's refusal to condemn the teacher's unions holding children, parents and taxpayers hostage is at odds with his "equity" agenda. Today, Psaki was asked about it. 

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