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De Blasio Lies About New York 'Being Alone' During the Pandemic

AP Photo/John Minchillo

This week, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a "first in the country" vaccine mandate for all private workers and children ages 5-11 years old. 


In an effort to sell the tyrannical plan, de Blasio took to the street Monday night to record a video. In it, he made a number of false statements and claimed New York was "alone" during the pandemic. 

It is a lie to say New York was alone and without help, especially in the early months of 2020. As New York braced for impact, President Donald Trump sent the USNS Comfort to serve as an overflow hospital. It wasn't utilized. Military units were also put on standby to help with processing and ventilators were sent to hospitals in the city. Through Operation Warp Speed, three vaccines for the virus were developed in record time. 

"The USNS Comfort is docked in New York to accept patients. That is a non-COVID. To date, FEMA has delivered more than 4 million N95 mask respirators. And it's -- think of that: 4 million. Four million. Don't forget, we're a secondary source. The states are doing it and we're backing them up. But we've gotten 4 million N95 respirators, 1.8 million surgical masks, 460,000 face shields, 1.4 million gloves, and 4,400 ventilators just to the city and to the state of New York. And some of them now are being sent," Trump said on April 2, 2020, from the White House. 


"I spoke with both Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio a little while ago, and some of them are being sent to the city," he continued. "All of America stands with the people of New York in this time of need." 

The Javits Center was turned into a massive hospital by the National Guard and FEMA. Instead of sending nursing home patients there, Governor Andrew Cuomo sent them back into nursing facilities that were unequipped to handle the disease. Thousands died as a result and he covered up the numbers. 


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