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Biden Meets with KKK Ralph Northam. Media Shrugs.

President Joe Biden made his way to Northern Virginia on Friday and met with Democrat Governor Ralph Northam to celebrate the state's success in fighting Wuhan coronavirus. Biden is also presumably there to campaign on behalf of Democrats for the upcoming gubernatorial race. 


But it wasn't that long ago when it was revealed Governor Northam dressed up in KKK garb or blackface during a party in medical school. The photos were printed in Northam's yearbook. After the photos surfaced in 2019, Northam admitted to being the man in the photo wearing blackface. He then backtracked and said he wasn't in the photo, despite it appearing on his personal year book page. 


At the time, Biden called for Northam to resign. Now, things have clearly changed and because Northam is a Democrat, his racism gets a pass. 

As a reminder, Biden spoke at the funeral for former Democrat Senator Robert Byrd in 2010, who was a member of the KKK in West Virginia. 

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