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Mark Levin Condemns Criminals, Blasts Media Exploitation of Capitol Violence

Conservative radio host and constitutional scholar Mark Levin is blasting those who engaged in violence at the U.S. Capitol last week while also slamming the media for exploiting the situation. 


"The media have played a huge huge role in what's going on in this country and they are exploiting now what took place on Capitol Hill. They are trying to silence, silence conservatives. Silence Republicans and unfortunately a lot of Republicans are buckling. We need to speak out against violence. We need to speak out against what happened on Capitol Hill. Or at the White House. Or at the Portland courthouse. We need to reject all of this violence," Levin said. "We shouldn't downplay what happened on Capitol Hill the other day. We should be furious about what happened on Capitol Hill the other day. But either you're against violence, or you're not."

"What they are doing, they're exploiting the situation," he continued. "They double down, they triple down, they quadruple down. They're not going to change. Out of one side of their mouth they talk about unity. On the other side of their mouth, they spit on people."

Watch below:

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