Freedom Fighter Punished by the Chinese Communist Party Gives Incredible RNC Speech

Posted: Aug 27, 2020 9:37 AM

During the third night of the 2020 RNC convention, Chinese dississent and civil rights attorney Chen Guangcheng, who has been blind since childhood, conducted his speech by reading braille and speaking in his second language. He warned about the evils of the Chinese Communist Party [CCP] after experiencing their tyranny firsthand. 

"Standing up to tyranny is not easy. I know. When I spoke out against China’s 'one child' policy and other injustices, I was persecuted, beaten, and put under house arrest by the government. In April, 2012, I escaped and was given shelter in the American embassy in Beijing. I am forever grateful to the American people for welcoming me and my family to the United States where we are now free," Guangcheng said. "The Chinese Communist Party is an enemy of humanity. It is terrorizing its own people and it is threatening the well-being of the world. In China, expressing beliefs or ideas not approved by the CCP - religion, democracy, human rights - can lead to prison. The nation lives under mass surveillance and censorship. The CCP is focused on power and control, and acts without regard to the law or to human rights.  Countless activists have disappeared or are under house arrest. Just consider the sad plight of the Uyghurs in concentration camps."

Guangcheng also discussed the CCP's latest assault on the world. 

"The coronavirus pandemic, originating in China—and covered up by the CCP—has caused mass death and social upheaval around the world. In the same way, the virus of the CCP is threatening the people of the world.  The policy of appeasement of former administrations—including Obama and Biden—has allowed the CCP to infiltrate and corrode different aspects of the global community," he said. 

The US must use its values of freedom, democracy, and the rule of law, to gather a coalition of other democracies to stop China’s aggression. President Trump has led on this and we need the other countries to join him in this fight. A fight for our future," Guengcheng continued. 

Watch below: