Pelosi 'Relief' Bill Includes a Massive Power Grab On Elections

Posted: Mar 24, 2020 11:15 AM
Pelosi 'Relief' Bill Includes a Massive Power Grab On Elections

Source: (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool)

As Americans across the country grapple with uncertainly over the impact of Wuhan coronavirus, Democrats in Washington D.C. are doing everything possible to exploit the crisis. 

As reported Monday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi crammed a number of irrelevant and damaging provisions into a previously bipartisan relief process. Democrats in the Senate, led by Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, took her bait. 

One of the major power grabs in Pelosi's bill would federalize elections and increase the chances of voter fraud. 

Here are the "top five most egregious provisions" of Pelosi's bill from the office of Ranking House Administration Committee Member Rodney Davis:

1. Ballot Harvesting – House Democrats are nationalizing ballot harvesting, a process where a political operative may come to a voter’s home, collect their absentee ballot, and deliver it to a polling location.

-We saw this process misused in the last election in North Carolina’s 9th District when a political operative illegally harvested ballots and did not properly deliver them.

-Ballot harvesting lacks a proper chain of custody protection.

-There is no limit to the number of ballots that individuals could turn in.

-This does not follow social distancing practices, and it’s unnecessary, as ballots with pre-paid postage are readily available.

2. Same-day Registration – Requires states to allow individuals to register to vote on Election Day.

-Same-day registration has been shown to create an administrative hurdle for elections officials and often results in longer lines at the polls.

-Election officials have little to no time on Election Day to verify the information the voter is giving is correct. 

3. Private Rights of Action – Further burdens states with potential future lawsuits.

-If a state is unable to comply with the stringent requirements of this bill by Election Day 2020, liberal groups would be empowered to sue the state.

-Given the unrealistic timeline of the implementation of these mandates, it is likely many states would be at risk of costly litigation.

4. Polling Locations – Prescribes unrealistic, uniformed polling location requirements on States.

-Mandates that states place polling locations in areas within walking distance of public transportation.

-Implies that states’ current polling locations are in discriminatory areas by creating a vague standard for states to move their polling locations to “nondiscriminatory” areas.  

-The federal government does not know the state’s best polling locations better than the state.

5. Provisional Ballots – Any provisional ballots must be counted no matter where cast within the State.

-It creates chaos for local election officials to manage and maintain local elections, as different municipalities have differing ballots - even in adjacent precincts for local elections like school boards and county commissioners.

-Disenfranchising voters from participating in their local elections and prioritizing only federal or state elections. 

This election power grab is just one of many irrelevant, leftist provisions Pelosi is demanding be included in a Wuhan coronavirus "relief" package.