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BREAKING: Joe Biden Finally Wins a Primary

(AP Photo/John Locher)

Former Vice President Joe Biden locked down a much needed win in South Carolina Saturday night as his campaign continues to struggle heading into Super Tuesday. Bernie Sanders has taken second place and Pete Buttigieg third. Notably, Biden has run for president three times and this is his first primary or caucus victory. 

After accepting an early loss in New Hampshire two weeks ago, Biden fled to South Carolina to defend his "firewall." After losing Iowa and New Hampshire to rivals Buttigieg and Sanders, Biden rounded up a number of key endorsements and hit the campaign trail in hopes of putting a win on the board. He has been raising significant amounts of money as the Democrat establishment hits the emergency button on a potential Sanders nomination.

Along the way, Biden has made a series of gaffes and failed to impress at a final debate in the Palmetto State earlier this week. 

In recent days, Sanders nearly closed the gap on Biden in polling, raising additional questions about whether his campaign can survive coming contests. 

Looking ahead, early voting in Super Tuesday states is already underway with Sanders already winning by a wide margin in California. Polling in Colorado shows Sanders in the lead and right behind Biden in Texas. 

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