Here Are the Questions Mitt Romney Will Ask During the Senate Impeachment Trial

Posted: Jan 29, 2020 3:15 PM
Here Are the Questions Mitt Romney Will Ask During the Senate Impeachment Trial

Source: (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

All eyes are on Republican Senator Mitt Romney as Democrats continue to demand new witnesses in President Trump's impeachment trial. Romney has expressed interest in hearing from former White House National Security advisor John Bolton and is one of four votes Democrats need to issue a subpoena. 

Until then, Republican and Democrat Senators will ask each side a series of questions. Romney has published the questions he plans to put forward. 

For White House Counsel:

Given that Rudy Giuliani's May 10, 2019 letter to President Zelensky asserted he was acting with the "knowledge and consent" of President Trump, what did President Trump specifically task Giuliani to do in Ukraine? 

In what instances did President Trump discuss corruption or burden sharing in relation to Ukraine prior to the date the security assistance was ordered withheld? 

On what specific date did President Trump first order the hold on security assistance to Ukraine and did he explain the reason at the time? 

For House Managers: 

If evidence indicates President Trump had multiple purposes - some in the national interest, some political - for holding up the security assistance, is it the House Managers' position that the presence of any political purpose should be grounds for removing a president for abuse of power? 

Do you have any evidence that anyone was directed by President Trump to tell the Ukrainians that security assistance was being held upon the condition of an investigation into the Bidens?

Is it the House Managers' position that neither Hunter nor Joe Biden engaged in anything that you would describe as corrupt or otherwise inappropriate?