Ben Shapiro Offers Epic Response to Washington Post's Absurd Request for Comment on Dog Meme

Posted: Oct 31, 2019 9:10 AM

Yesterday President Trump tweeted out an obviously photoshopped image and meme created by the Daily Wire, a conservative news outlet run by Ben Shapiro. It features President Trump placing a "Medal of Honor" on Conan, the dog who hunted down ISIS leader al-Baghdadi before his death in Syria over the weekend. 

Right on que, the White House Press Corps and the broader Democrat media complex went into a meltdown and started "fact checking" the photo. 

The Washington Post went through the effort to get in touch with the Daily Wire and demanded to know if they made the meme. The Daily Wire's response was wholly appropriate. 

Super serious "journalism." 

And now, after an entire day of the media making fools of themselves, President Trump has won again: