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Marianne Williamson: Conservatives Are Nicer to Me Than the Lefties

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Democrat Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson, who sadly will not be participating in tonight's debate, has a bone to pick with her fellow lefties: they're mean. Further, she's baffled by the idea that conservatives treat her fairly and nicely.

“What does it say that Fox News is nicer to me than the lefties are?" she told Sinclair's Eric Bolling during a break. "What does it say that the conservatives are nicer to me?" 

"It's such a bizarre world. You know I'm such a lefty. I mean, I'm a serious lefty but they are so -- I understand why people on the Right called them godless," she continued.

In the past few weeks, Williamson has lamented mocking of prayer from the Left and argued her party should be more accepting.

But don't get your hopes up, she's still on their team. She eventually went on to also say, "I didn’t think the Left was as mean as the Right, they are."

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