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To Promote Gun Control, AOC Just Accused Dan Crenshaw's Friends of Being Violent Domestic Abusers

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just accused former Navy SEAL and Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw of having violent friends. She's never met them and has no idea who they are, but she does know they're incapable of owning firearms. 


This is the tweet that set her off:

And her response:

Crenshaw tried to clarify her position:


Not surprisingly AOC is continuing the left's mantra of guilty until proven innocent, in addition to falsely stereotyping large populations of Americans.

Additionally, if AOC were a true feminist, she would support women owning and carrying firearms for self-defense. After all, a firearm is the greatest equalizer between men and women. 


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