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The Border 'Security' Bill From Congress is Garbage and Will Actually Make the Current Crisis Much Worse

Late last night Congress released a 1,159 page funding bill ahead of Friday's partial government shutdown deadline. 

The legislation was supposed to include a number of serious and robust border security measures. Unfortunately, it falls far short. It greatly inhibits the President and federal law enforcement from taking real action to secure the border in the future. Further, it exacerbates the crisis with catch and release, unaccompanied minors, "family" units and false asylum claims.


First, the bill limits where barriers can be built. Second, the bollard design easily allows illegal immigrants to pass through and is even less efficient than a fence. It certainly isn't a wall, not even close. The $1.3 billion allocated for just 55 miles of bollard barrier is far from the original estimate of $26 billion for hundreds of miles of a significant barrier. It's a fifth of the $5.6 billion the White House most recently asked for.

On the continuing unaccompanied minor crisis, adult sponsors who may have criminal records or who are often times in the United States illegally, are given immunity and amnesty. This will greatly increase the problem.


The bill puts a cap on how many illegal aliens or asylum seekers Immigration and Customs and Enforcement is allowed to detain, including violent criminal aliens.

The Department of Homeland Security describes the current crisis this way: 


Our nation is experiencing an unprecedented crisis on our Southern Border that is the result of three very specific loopholes— created by federal law and a 9th Circuit court ruling— that prevent the detention and repatriation of illegal alien minors and family units.

FY18 is the highest number of family unit apprehensions on record – it is more than 40% higher than any previous year on record. The number of family units along the Southwest border increased 22% from August to September.

As a result of these loopholes, when illegal alien minors or adults traveling with minors unlawfully enter the United States, rather than being detained and removed, they are released into American communities. Once released, they are ever rarely removed.

Knowledge of these loopholes has led to a dramatic transformation in the population of those seeking to enter our country illegally. Whereas previously, CBP was primarily apprehending single adults, now CBP is experiencing an influx of minors and adults traveling with minors seeking to enter illegally.

The result of these loopholes is that smugglers and illegal migrants know that if they arrive in the U.S. illegally as a minor (or arrive with a minor), they can benefit from catch-and-release and then disappear into the interior of the country.

This bill creates more loopholes, it does nothing to close them. The benefits of a measly 55 mile long bollard structure are far outweighed by the detrimental provisions in the legislation that will continue the current humanitarian crisis on the border. It appears nothing in this legislation will actually stop Central American caravans or the unaccompanied minor and family unit crisis. Instead, it does the opposite through new incentives.


President Trump has said he doesn't want another shutdown, but has not indicated whether he will sign the deal. He's at the White House today reviewing the text with his team.

Before the text was released yesterday, President Trump said he would be looking for "landmines" in the bill before making a final decision. Fueling the current crisis and making it worse is certainly a big one.

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