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House Republicans Haven't Forgotten About the Clinton Foundation and They're Holding a Hearing to Find Out More

House Republicans plan to hold a hearing about the scandal ridden Clinton Foundation in the upcoming lame duck session before Democrats take back power in the chamber. 


The House Oversight Subcommittee on Government Operations will lead the way, headed by Chairman Mark Meadows. U.S. Attorney John Huber of Utah, who was appointed earlier this year to investigate the Clinton Foundation, will reportedly testify.

"Mr. Huber with the Department of Justice and FBI has been having an investigation, at least part of his task was to look at the Clinton Foundation and what may or may not have happened as it relates to improper activity with that charitable foundation, so we’ve set a hearing date for December the 5th,” Meadows told The 

At the time of Huber's appointment, Republicans expressed frustration his investigation wouldn't go far enough and that a second special counsel to investigate the Clintons was warranted.

Meanwhile, government watchdog Judicial Watch is still battling with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about her mishandling of top secret, classified information on a personal email server. She was just ordered by a federal judge to thoroughly answer questions filed by Judicial Watch in court.


“A federal court ordered Hillary Clinton to answer more questions about her illicit email system – which is good news,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said last week. “It is shameful that Judicial Watch attorneys must continue to battle the State and Justice Departments, which still defend Hillary Clinton, for basic answers to our questions about Clinton’s email misconduct.”

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