President Trump Announces New Iran Sanctions and Channels Game of Thrones to Do It

Posted: Nov 02, 2018 1:58 PM

The Trump administration announced the re-implementation of harsh sanctions on Iran Friday, a result of President Trump's decision to leave the Iran nuclear agreement earlier this year. 

Making things more interesting, President Trump tweeted out a photo about the sanctions using a famous "Game of Thrones" theme.

The sanctions will officially go back into place one day before the 2018 midterm elections on Monday, November 5.

"On November 5th, the United States will reimpose sanctions that were lifted as part of the nuclear deal on Iran’s energy, ship building, shipping, and banking sectors. These sanctions hit at the core areas of Iran’s economy. They are necessary to spur changes we seek on the part of the regime," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo explained Friday morning. "In order to maximize the effect of the President’s pressure campaign, we have worked closely with other countries to cut off Iranian oil exports as much as possible. We expect to issue some temporary allotments to eight jurisdictions, but only because they have demonstrated significant reductions in their crude oil and cooperation on many other fronts and have made important moves towards getting to zero crude oil importation. These negotiations are still ongoing. Two of the jurisdictions will completely end imports as part of their agreements. The other six will import at greatly reduced levels."

Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to put pressure on European countries to abandon their support for Iran.