Leftist Group Shows Activists How to Kill an ICE Agent, Pledges to Go After Their Families

Posted: Jun 20, 2018 1:30 PM

As the outrage over the Trump administration's enforcement of immigration law continues at the southern border with Mexico, the left is resorting to violence and intimidation tactics against Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. They're also going after their families. 

Yesterday an Occupy Wall Street group posted a photo on Twitter showing "what to do" if you encounter an ICE agent. The photo was up for hours before Twitter support finally banned the account. As a reminder, OWS was endorsed by prominent Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

Today, actor Peter Fonda demanded activists visit the homes of ICE agents to harass their families. He also urged his followers to surround their kids at school.

He continued with this suggestion:

Meanwhile, ICE and Border Patrol agents continue to do their job.

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