Five Things Trump Wants From The United Nations

Posted: Sep 18, 2017 2:30 PM

President Trump kicked off his first official United Nations General Assembly meeting Monday morning with a message to its members: It's time to change the ways of the past and reform the international body. 

Here are five things (there are more) the Trump administration seeks from the UN ahead of the President's first major speech to the assembly: 

1. Serious reform, which includes nations paying their fair share to fund the UN, cleaning up mismanagement and bureaucracy, addressing serious human rights concerns around the world and more.  

2. An understanding the United States will protect American interests first, especially since the U.S. funds the UN more than any other country. 

3. A condemnation of Iran's behavior as President Trump determines whether to keep the U.S. in Iran Nuclear Agreement signed by President Obama. 

4. Further building a coalition against North Korea, meaning an emphasis on enforcing recently passed sanctions against the regime by the UN Security Council. 

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5. Strengthening relationships and coalitions with member states in order to properly and efficiently address economic and security concerns around the world. 

The President's speech is set for Tuesday at 10:30 EST. 

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