New Emails Show Extensive Pay-For-Play During Clinton's Time as Secretary of State

Posted: Sep 15, 2017 12:45 PM

Yesterday government watchdog Judicial Watch released a new set of emails exposing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and top aide Huma Abedin mishandled even more classified information than previously revealed. The emails also show extensive examples of pay-for-play and Clinton clearly using her position at the State Department to benefit the Clinton Foundation. 

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton detailed the findings during an interview with Fox News Friday morning. 

"It's email after email of Doug Band, who was a Clinton Foundation top official, working with the Clintons closely, coordinating and working with Huma Abedin to take care of favors for Clinton Foundation donors," Fitton said. "Visas to Cuba, meetings in Singapore, other types of activity like that. It's there, black and white, and I don't understand why the Justice Department hasn't gotten its act together and reinitiated an investigation as to what went on here because we all know Comey's investigation was a sham. They need to restart it up." 

Here are some examples, provided by Judicial Watch

On May 5, 2010, major Clinton Global Initiative member, Clinton Foundation donor and real estate developer Eddie Trump forwarded to “Dougie” Band a request for assistance from Russian American Foundation Vice President Rina Kirshner to get the Russian American Foundation involved in a State Department program. Band forwarded the request to Abedin, saying, “Can we get this done/mtg set.” As Judicial Watch previously reported, the State Department doled out more than $260,000 to the Russian American Foundation for “public diplomacy.”

On July 16, 2009, Zachary Schwartz asked Band for help getting visas to travel to Cuba for a film production crew from Shangri La Entertainment. Band forwarded the request to Abedin, telling her, “Please call zach asap on this. [Redacted.] Important.” Abedin responded, “I’ll call zach when we land in India.” Abedin concludes with “Enjoy. Cuba is complicated. Am sure you aren’t surprised to hear that.” Schwartz worked for Steve Bing, a mega-donor to the Clintons and owner of Shangri La Entertainment. Bing has reportedly donated $10-25 million to the Clinton Foundation and paid Bill Clinton personally $2.5 million a year to be an adviser to a green construction company Bing owned.

On September 11, 2009, Terrence Duffy, chairman of futures brokerage firm CME Group, a donor to the Clinton Foundation, asked Clinton to arrange “government appointments” for him in Singapore and Hong Kong. Clinton, using her address, forwarded the request to Abedin, “fyi.” Abedin responded to Duffy’s email, saying she would “follow up” with Duffy’s secretary, Joyce. Duffy gave $4,600 to Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaign; CME Group paid Hillary $225,000 for a speaking fee and has donated between $5,001 and 10,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

Abedin, using her address, later told Joyce, “Would like to get some more information and details so we can try to help.” Further along in the exchange, Joyce responds “We would also like some help in arranging meetings with some key govt officials in both locations, such as the Prime Minister of Singapore, and would appreciate any help you may be able to provide.”

The Justice Department has given no indication the Clinton case will be reopened, however, officials also do not confirm or deny whether an investigation is currently underway.