Former Oversight Chairman Rips FBI Denying Requests on Hillary's Emails: Total Crap and Illegal

Posted: Aug 31, 2017 10:26 AM

As Cortney covered yesterday, the FBI has denied a Freedom of Information Act request seeking a series of emails belonging to former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. In their rejection of the request, the FBI cited a "lack of public interest" for their decision. 

Former Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz is having none of it. 

While co-hosting Fox News Outnumbered this week, Chaffetz ripped the FBI and accused the Bureau of covering for Clinton. 

"This is absolutely disgusting, it's totally counter to who we are as a nation. We are open, we are transparent, we're supposed to be self-critical. The American people pay for this government. Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State, what she created were federal records and every individual in this country has the right to see those," Chaffetz said. "They're protecting themselves, they're protecting Hillay Clinton and they don't want the exposure. What is it that they're hiding?" 

Meanwhile, government watchdog Judicial Watch is still fighting for all of Clinton's emails in court. In recent months, the group has exposed Clinton sent even more classified information to aide Huma Abedine through her unsecured, personal email server than previously known. They've also produced emails showing Abedine using the Secretary of State's office to do favors for Clinton Foundation donors.