Awesome: Weather Channel Reporter Refuses to Leave American Flag in Hurricane Harvey Debris

Posted: Aug 28, 2017 3:00 PM

The devastation in Texas continues, but glimmers of hope keep popping up as residents begin to cope with the aftermath.

During a live shot over the weekend, Weather Channel Reporter Paul Goodloe found an American flag among the storm debris in Rockport, Texas. Instead of letting it lie on the ground, he rescued it by folding it up with a colleague. 

"I don't know how strong the winds have to be to cut a palm tree in half but that's what happened at the top of this tree. But next to it, we've got Old Glory. I can't let Old Glory sit there like that," he said. "The school is battered and so is the flag but we've got to fold this up and make sure this isn't a casualty to Hurricane Harvey." 

"Not the perfect fold, but definitely a rescue," Goodloe said after folding the flag. 

A true patriot and a job well done. 

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