Dan Rather is Lecturing About Alternative Facts

Posted: Jan 25, 2017 12:00 PM

Dan Rather, yes, that Dan Rather, is lecturing the Trump White House and America about "alternative facts."

During his radio show on Sirius XM Tuesday night, Rather responded to a comment made by White House Counselor Kelly Anne Conway over the weekend about the administration using "alternative facts" when handling the media. 

A reminder of what Conway said:

Rather's response:

"This idea of 'alternate facts' is a propaganda tool. Yes, I used the word 'propaganda,' a propaganda tool in order to confuse people. Personally, I think this is very dangerous," Rather argued. "When the spokesman for the president, and when the president himself, but the spokesman most recently, talks about alternate facts, alternate facts, whether you like President Trump or don’t like him or haven’t made up your mind about him, this folks is ridiculous."

Does using unverified documents to claim President George W. Bush bailed on National Guard duty count as using "alternative facts?" Rather would know.

Was Kelly Anne Conway's statement about using "alternative facts" ridiculous? Of course it was. Is Dan Rather the person to hold her or the Trump White House accountable for the statement given his own record with the truth? Absolutely not.

H/T Mediaite

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