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Majority of Americans Aren't Buying The Argument Russia Hacks Changed Election Outcome

Democrats and the White House are moving forward with their argument the Russians somehow changed the outcome of the 2016 presidential election in favor of Donald Trump, but Americans aren't buying it. 

According to a new Fox News poll, the vast majority of voters do not believe Russian hacking made a difference in swaying the election. 

The poll also shows the majority of Americans have trust in the CIA, the intelligence agency cited with crediting Russians with interference in the election. Voters also see Trump's stance toward Russia as too lax.

Voters largely do not share Trump’s mistrust of the CIA.  Two-thirds, 67 percent, have confidence in the agency:  18 percent have “a great deal” of confidence and another 49 percent have “some” confidence.  Views on the CIA have held remarkably steady, as 64 percent had confidence in 2014, and 66 percent in 2002.  Those are the only other times the question has been asked by Fox.

Meanwhile, many see Trump as too cozy with Russia.  By a wide 50-15 percent margin, voters say he’s “too accommodating” vs. “too confrontational.”  

Essentially, voters are rejecting the politically charged accusation Russian hacking would have changed the outcome of the 2016 presidential election while also being concerned about Trump's openness and seemingly trusting attitude toward the Kremlin. Voters also seem to be concerned with Russian hacking, while rejecting the narrative Clinton would have won without interference.

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