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On Saturday, HBO will air it's much promoted new film Confirmation, a dramatic and biased account of Justice Clarence Thomas' 1991 Supreme Court confirmation hearings. As many recall, law professor Anita Hill accused Thomas of sexual harassment in an effort to derail the hearings and made a career out of making a number of dubious claims. HBO of course, is happy to promote them. HBO and the producers claim the film is an accurate and well researched portrayal of history. Many who were there strongly disagree

A group of former politicians and their aides are bracing themselves for a new HBO movie that dramatizes the 1991 confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and claims of sexual harassment made by Anita Hill, with some suggesting the possibility of legal action.

The film, titled “Confirmation”, is set to debut in April, but former Sens. Al Simpson and Jack Danforth, as well as at least one former lawyer on Thomas' team, now are going public with their dismay at early versions of the film script they were given for their input, saying it is a biased portrayal.

"Obviously, they were going to go forward with [the film], and obviously there are going to be some repercussions because they’ve opened a hornet's nest,” said Simpson, who called the script he saw a "seriously distorted" version of the actual confirmation hearings.

Simpson and Danforth both brought up the possibility of legal action if the script they saw is the same one used in the movie when it airs in April, though Simpson acknowledged that as a public figure, it would be a hard case to win. And Mark Paoletta, the former White House lawyer who worked on Thomas’ confirmation, wrote a letter to HBO threatening legal action if certain parts of the script he had seen remained in the film.

HBO is often no friend to conservatives or the truth, and this time is no different. Confirmation's leading actress and executive producer, liberal Hollywood It Girl Kerry Washington, is a long-time Democrat activist who spoke at the 2012 DNC convention. She of course plays Hill and is portrayed in the film as a victim and lionized for her bravery.

When you make your way further down the Confirmation production list you'll find writer and producer Susannah Grant, producer Michael London and actor Wendall Pierce, who plays Justice Thomas. Grant, London and Pierce are all big time donors to the Democrat Party and Wendell Pierce, like Washington, was an active participant and community organizer for the 2012 DNC convention. Pierce was also a bundler for President Obama's 2012 re-election campaign.

But it wouldn't be a liberal Hollywood hit job without hypocrisy and double standards. While Hill accused Thomas of sexual harassment, she later excused behavior of President Bill Clinton, which of course was also excused by current Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Confirmation is a liberal hit job produced by DNC operatives, not an accurate portrayal of history. The film will smear Justice Clarence Thomas all over again and as he said himself more than two decades ago, will be a rehashing of a "high tech lynching." 

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