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Global Warming Fanatic Bill Nye Celebrating Earth Day With Flights on Air Force One

Global warming fanatic and television host Bill Nye, who shames anyone who questions the "science" behind global warming claims, will be celebrating Earth Day with a ride on Air Force One.


The lack of self-awareness in Nye's tweet really is amazing...

After leaving a trail of greenhouse gases streaked across the sky from Washington D.C. to Florida, Nye will attend an event in the Everglades with President Obama to raise awareness about the dangers of carbon dioxide, otherwise known as plant food.  

With swampy wetlands and alligators as his backdrop, President Barack Obama will use a visit to Florida's Everglades to warn of the damage that climate change is already inflicting on the nation's environmental treasures — and to hammer political opponents he says are doing far too little about it.

Obama's trip to the Everglades on Wednesday, timed to coincide with Earth Day, marks an attempt to connect the dots between theoretical arguments about carbon emissions and real-life implications.

Nye, known as "Bill Nye the Science Guy" by your kids, is worshiped in the American public school system by science teachers across the country.

Update: I should include the fact that Air Force One burns five gallons of fossil fuel per minute.

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