Desert Tactical Arms: No, We Won't Sell Arms to Pakistan

Posted: Jan 07, 2014 2:00 PM

Gun manufacturer Desert Tactical Arms recently turned down a $15 million order that would have supplied guns to Pakistan, the same terror infected country that kept Osama bin Laden hiding for a decade. The company turned down the deal due to concerns their weapons would be used against U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

"We really just had a lot of concern that our product could get into the wrong hands and be used against our troops," Desert Tech President Nick Young said in an interview with Fox and Friends.

"Of course it was a hard decision, I mean $15 million that's a lot of money, it could change a small company for a long time. It was a hard decision but we believe it was the right one," Sales Manager Mike Davis said."The message is, it's simply a company stance... basically it was just our company stance and we were sticking with our company principles and that is to keep American troops safe."

Young says the U.S. military is thankful for their decision to keep troops in mind during business decisions.

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