Obama Clarifies "Flexibility" Remark Made to Russians

Posted: Oct 30, 2012 11:00 AM

Remember this?

Now the always clarifying President has clarified his remarks to a local news channel in Reno during a town hall style interview. From CNSNews:

One viewer asked the president: “What did you mean when you said you will have more flexibility after the election when you thought you were off-mic with Dmitry Medvedev? Why is having more latitude after the elections significant?”

Obama said: “This was specifically about how we deal with Russia and nuclear arms. We’ve been able to negotiate a nuclear arms deal that reduced levels of nuclear arms both in Russia and in the United States and that’s something that was ratified on a bipartisan basis in the United States Senate.”

“The discussion there very much just had to do with the fact that it’s hard to negotiate additional treaties when I’m off campaigning and doing all kinds of stuff,” said Obama.

"Other stuff"....? First of all, what's more important, campaigning or meeting with a guy who belongs to a country we fought a Cold War with? Or for that matter, is campaigning more important than discussing oh I don't know, nuclear arms? Second, the "I was too busy campaigning" excuse is just another example of what President Obama sees as a priority and it's not the well being of the country. Third, being President of the United States is "hard" and requires multi-tasking, something this president doesn't seem to be capable of doing unless of course it's multi-tasking on the campaign trail, a place where serious issues have been absent for months now.