Romney Gets Funny, Roasts Obama at Al Smith Dinner

Posted: Oct 19, 2012 7:30 AM

Happy Friday everyone. Last night at the annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Dinner hosted by Cardinal Timothy Dolan in New York City, Governor Mitt Romney took his speaking opportunity to roast President Obama....while he was sitting just a few feet away. Romney also took some friendly shots at the press, who were sitting right behind him during his remarks. Watching his speech in full is well worth your time and I guarantee you'll laugh out loud.

"I have special admiration for the Apostle St. Peter to whom it is said upon this rock I will build my church. The story's all the more the inspiring when you consider that he had so many skeptics and scoffers at the time who were heard to say, 'If you've got a church, you didn't build that.'"

"Usually when I get invited to gatherings like this, it's usually to be the designated driver."

"Now I never suggest the press is biased they have a job to do and I have my job to do. My job is to lay out a positive vision for the future of the country and their job is to make sure nobody else finds out about it."

The Alfred E. Smith Foundation was founded in 1946 and gives grants to Catholic charities helping the poor.