Karzai to American Taxpayers: Thanks

Katie Pavlich
Posted: May 21, 2012 7:45 AM

Over the weekend, President Obama met with Afghan President Karzai at the NATO summit in Chicago to discuss the wind down of the war and presence of troops in the country. Although Karzai has made horrific statements in the past, like when he said he would side with Pakistan should we go to war against them and when he scolded U.S. troops for accidentally burning Korans at Bagram Airbase, he at least is now thanking American taxpayers for their efforts to get his country out of the hell it was in before 2001. 

"I'm bringing to you and to the people of the United States the gratitude of the Afghan people for the support that your taxpayers' money has provided Afghanistan over the past decade and for the difference that it has made to the well-being of the Afghan people," Karzai told Obama.