Mainstream Media Invites Crude Palin Bashing Comedian to Host Correspondents Dinner

Posted: Mar 07, 2012 7:18 AM

Despite the mainstream media piling on attacks against Rush Limbaugh for calling 30-year-old college coed Sandra Fluke, who wants you to pay for her birth control, a "slut" this week, (for which he apologized) the Radio and TV Correspondents Association has chosen crude comedian Louis C.K. to host its annual black-tie dinner event in June.

CNN’s Jay McMichael, who chairs the RTCA, is a fan of C.K., calling him “probably the hottest comic right now” and a keen student of just how raunchy he can get.

That was, in part, the point.

“The fact that we got Louis C.K. is just a pretty good thing,” McMichael told POLITICO. “It gives the dinner a bit of an edge, shakes it up a little, which is what we wanted to do. One of our goals was to make it not so stuffy an evening, as opposed to the more traditional, D.C. black-tie events. Louis C.K. fit the bill when it came to that.”

While not primarily a political comedian (he once told GQ that “That’s just not what I do”), C.K. can get himself in hot water when he gets worked up over some politician of the moment, like when he tweeted some crude remarks about Sarah Palin or when he called then-President George W. Bush a “f—-ing criminal” (and that wasn’t even the worst of it).

But what exactly did he say about Sarah Palin while drunk texting from an airplane? His remarks are too disgusting to even post here. Click here to see what he said, but be warned that the content is extremely sexually graphic. Regardless, Palin is a conservative woman and therefore doesn't count according to the mainstream media. They'll continue to give Louis C.K. and others like him who attack conservative women with crude sexual remarks a pass while they freely attack Rush Limbaugh. The move isn't surprising considering the mainstream media continues its quest to destroy Sarah Palin, Louis C.K. fits right into their agenda.