Rick Perry Responds to Romney Win

Posted: Jan 10, 2012 8:54 PM

Texas Governor Rick Perry, who didn't make much of an effort to compete in New Hampshire this election season, views Romney's big win in the Granite State not as a victory for the former Massachusetts governor, but as an opportunity to present a conservative alternative. From the Perry campaign:

"Tonight's results in New Hampshire show the race for 'conservative alternative' to Mitt Romney remains wide open. I skipped New Hampshire and aimed my campaign right at conservative South Carolina, where we've been campaigning hard and receiving an enthusiastic welcome. I believe being the only non-establishment outsider in the race, the proven fiscal and social conservative and proven job creator will win the day in South Carolina.

"South Carolina is the next stop. I have a head start here, and it's friendly territory for a Texas governor and veteran with solid outsider credentials, the nation's best record of job creation, and solid fiscal, social and Tea Party conservatism."