No Justice: Murder of Brian Terry One Year Later

Posted: Dec 14, 2011 10:21 AM


One-year-ago tonight, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry with his small team highly specialized BORTAC agents, descended upon Peck Canyon, a remote and dangerous area in the Arizona desert known for Mexican drug cartel activity. That night, a drug smuggling crew was trafficking a load through the valley, a rip crew, a group of men who steal drug loads for profit, was waiting for them. Rip crews are known as some of the most violent criminals operating in our desert. The Border Patrol agents fired a non-lethal bean bag warning shot at the crew, the rip crew returned live AK-47 fire. Brian Terry was hit in the back below the shoulder. Just after midnight, Brian was dead.

It turns out, the gun used to kill Brian came from the Obama Justice Department through Operation Fast and Furious. One year later we have no details about what really happened that night, no justice for Brian, no justice for the Terry family and an Attorney General who thinks he is above the law in providing details about the lethal Fast and Furious operation which has left more than 200 dead in Mexico and tied the murders of two federal agents. Even Eric Holder admits more people will be killed because of his department putting over 2000 guns into the hands of ruthless cartel members.

Brian, the Terry family and the American people deserve better.



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