Next Occupy Occupation? Education

Posted: Dec 12, 2011 11:00 AM

As if the Left doesn't already have a firm grip on our education system, using our public classrooms as little indoctrination stations for liberal ideas, now the far Left Occupy Wall Street movement is planning to #occupyeducated,  indoctrinating the masses with socialist propaganda.

Unlike the plethora of other calls to “Occupy!” specific locations with your presence, the phrase “Occupy Educated” is not a call to Be Somewhere, it’s a call to Be Something.

Simply put, if you’re going to be Occupying anything, be Educated while doing so. Having a working knowledge of the issues and their root causes is essential to effectively communicating the need for change and formulating practical solutions. Frustration alone is not enough to cause lasting change, it can only come from a place of relevant, collective literacy.

What is the purpose of

As the 1%’s evictions begin to successfully silence education on the streets, is stepping up to continue the conversation where it can never be stopped, online. Being out in your communities is still essential, but so is having a universal classroom and meeting place that can’t be dispersed.



One word: homeschool.

Although it is easy to make fun of these people, they are useful idiots for dangerous people in the Left like George Soros. Who do you think is paying for their fancy website?