Most Painful Moment of the CNBC GOP Debate: Three Agencies of Government? Ugh?

Posted: Nov 09, 2011 9:51 PM

Well folks, you may want to take some Advil before you watch this clip. When discussing government spending and federal over regulation tonight, Rick Perry forgot the name of the Environmental Protection Agency. When he couldn't remember the "third agency of government" he wanted to get rid of as president, he looked around at the other candidates for some help.


To Perry's credit, everyone loses their train of thought once in awhile, however, Perry has built his campaign on deregulating the EPA and not remembering the focal point of his entire campaign up this point, could prove to be a fatal blow.

As Philip Klein put it: Oops...he did it again.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has had his share of bad debate moments, but this cringe-worthy exchange, in which Perry can't name the three government agencies he wants to eliminate,tops them all. If Perry's candidacy wasn't already over, it's hard to see how he recovers from this embarassing moment.

Washington Post's Aaron Blake: