Country Singer Justin Moore Defends Hunting Rights

Katie Pavlich
Posted: Oct 14, 2011 1:01 PM

If you're a country music fan like me, you've probably heard Justin Moore's music. If you're a die-hard country music fan like me, you probably have Justin Moore' latest album Outlaws Like Me, which features a song called, "Guns." If you aren't familiar with the song, here are the opening lyrics:

I started out with a .410, then moved to a .20 gauge. Every squirrel and rabbit in Dallas county knew my name. I sat on the stand with PawPaw from the time I was three years old. When I was eight I used a muzzle loader to kill my first doe. These days I go down to Wal-Mart and they set 'em in the back. Some people wanna take 'em away, why don't you go bust them boys that sellin' crack.

Guns, whether Remingtons and Glocks. Come on man it ain't like I'm a slingin' 'em on the block. I'm gunna tell you once and listen son. As long as I'm alive and breathing, You wont take my guns.

If there ever was a time we need 'em, I'd say it be today. When we're letting them terrorists watch cable TV and walk out of Guantanamo Bay. I just try to do the right thing and raise my family in this land. Treating me like you want to be treated and that's what I call a man.
If we don't have 'em, what do we do. Tell me where we gunna go. Somebody breaks into my house, I'm gunna need my Colt .44.

As long as I'm alive and breathing, And I'm still breathing,
You wont take my guns.

Moore has always been a strong advocate for American values, Second Amendment Rights and is sponsored by NRA Country. After a recent show in Montana, he tweeted, "Thanks Montana for a great show…gonna try to kill an elk here tomorrow."

That tweet, sparked a response by someone under the name "Tatersauce," who seems to have something against not only hunting, but the rich. Tatersauce also attacked Moore's kids in the process, saying, "Hope that right before u shoot it u look right in it’s eyes and see ur kids and think if that was them.” Here are some of the tweets from the exchange:


There are a few good celebrities left in the world.

H/T NRA News