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Foiled Iranian Terror Plot Not Adding Up?

The details of Tuesday's announcement that the Justice Department and the FBI foiled an Iranian terror plot that involved the help of Mexican drug cartels to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the United States in Washington D.C. are getting a bit murky.


Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer says that an FBI insider told him the dubious terror plot to assassinate a Saudi ambassador which has been blamed on Iran was likely manufactured by the Obama administration, because no information about the plot even exists within FBI channels.

The announcement of the "foiled plot" came from Attorney General Eric Holder just a day before he was subpoenaed over Operation Fast and Furious. Regardless of whether this plot may have been "made up" by the Obama Administration as a distraction from Holder getting slapped with a subpoena, three facts remain: Iran still remains a threat with a developing nuclear program, Hezbollah is operating in Mexico and the southern border with Mexico remains highly unsecured.

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